Avignonesi on John M Fodera's blog Tuscan Vines

trio.jpg "Despite the improvements and renewed commitment to quality that Virginie has brought to Avignonesi,  the estate has no plans to rest on its laurels.  Through her leadership, Avignonesi continues to renew its commitment to Sangiovese,  focusing... Read more

Max: A man with #nofilter

max.jpg "I see an immense landscape before me, which leaves me in awe because of its beauty. It’s a landscape of horizons and soils, human faces, dreams, climate and machines, stubbornness and determination. It's Avignonesi" Read more

A Bull named Desiderio

Desiderio.jpg There is one label in the Avignonesi collection of wines, which above all the others sparks curiosity: Desiderio. The name in itself, meaning Desire, is strong and bold, and there is a big, white bull depicted on the label. But why? What does a... Read more
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