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16 May 2012

April-May at Avignonesi and Around the World

April-May at Avignonesi and Around the World


These past few weeks have been busy for all of us – both on the ground at Avignonesi and abroad. Here is a short recap of what we have been doing and where we’ve been.

The newly designed visitors center at Le Capezzine is now open! Elegant and functional, there are two tasting areas, a large shop with a wide range of products, office space and outdoor tables. Read about it here. We’ve initiated a new tour that focuses on the Sangiovese grape and Chef Davide is busy hosting three or four cooking lessons per week, to great acclaim. Click here to see pictures of the chef with his students. Meanwhile, you can find Chef Luca in the kitchen, preparing delicious Tuscan recipes for all our lunch guests.


In the vineyards. Laura Lenzi and her team report that the vines have grown in spurts due to the variable weather, with the Sangiovese taking off a little faster than the Merlot, as is usually the case. Thankfully we received about 50mm of rain, but that’s still not enough, Laura says, as we had an unusually dry winter this year. We dug up our 500P biodynamic cow manure, which will be dynamized and sprayed over the plants to reinforce root growth, but for now it is resting in its specially designed earthenware jar. Biodynamic tea sprays have been, and will continue to be, administered throughout the Spring.

In the cellar: Ashleigh Seymour and Matteo Giustiniani have been racking the 2011 wines and have bottled the first batch of Rosso di Montepulciano. Other wines are already happily ageing in their barrels. The caratelli holding the 2001 Vin Santo wines will be opened next month, and the 1999 vintage will soon be bottled. We have also bottled Il Marzocco Chardonnay 2011, which will be on the market at the end of May with a brand new packaging. 


On the road: our export managers are busily promoting our wines around the world. Brett Fleming has just finished travelling around the United States with Audrey Rouanet where, among other events, we were present at the Wine Spectator Tour in Washington DC, New York City and Las Vegas. People loved our Occhio di Pernice Vin Santo and we got some great press! Brett and Audrey are now in Asia. Alessio Guidi has been travelling through Holland, Denmark and Germany; next stop: Montecarlo. Be sure to check out the activities section on the website to see if one of our tasting events will be coming to a city near you at any time soon.

In London: If you live in London or are travelling through the city, be sure to stop at one (or both!) of our Negozio Classica winebar-shops in Notting Hill and Primrose Hill. Please check out our facebook page dedicated to the Negozio Classica. On Saturday, May 19 we will be present at the Decanter Fine Wine Event at the Landmark Hotel in London. Hope to see you there!


Facebook friends: we love your input, so keep it up. We are almost at the 2000 mark, and gauging from the kind of responses we get to our frequent posts, we can proudly say that these are “genuine” friends, not just numbers. And, as you clearly know, our new website is off to a flying start. But have you seen the space on the site where you can rate our wines? Choose the wine you're interested in and click on the bottle. You can also see the exact composition of all of our 370 acres/150 hectares by clicking here. And plan your next visit to our winery by clicking here. We’ll be waiting for you!

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