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Harvest Report 2014: Part 3: The Wine Whisperers

winetasterslow.jpg How many times have you heard the words “when the product coming in from the vineyards is great, all the winemaker has to do is make sure not to spoil it”. Simple words, but pure truth, as we all agree that the main character of a wine is given... Continua

Harvest Report 2014 - Part 2: The Harvest

let_s_go.jpg Harvest 2014:  averse weather and slow ripening grapes did not put a lid on our harvest enthusiasm. Read our blog to find out why we aren't so unhappy about the 2014 vintage, Continua

Recipe of the Week: Porcini Mushrooms

crema.jpg Another delicious autumn dish from winery chef Luca. One of the season's traditional Tuscan products is mushrooms, and the most tasty ones are porcini ... and do you know what goes great with porcini? Sangiovese! Continua

The Return of Grandi Annate: Terroir Speaks; we listen

Poggetti_2011.jpg The vintage is 2011 and the place is I Poggetti estate, where the grapes from the old Sangiovese vines, planted in 1974, are hand-picked by a crew of experienced vineyard workers. This is where the story of the NEW Avignonesi Grandi Annate Vino... Continua

An interview with Virginie Saverys

Virginie_2_low.jpg "It was somewhat of a coincidence that I became involved with Avignonesi, but I must say that I have fallen in love with Sangiovese because of its many, particular characteristics." Virginie Saverys Continua
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