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Working every day to become a good ancestor, nourishing the land and people, creating a better world for those to come, is the Avignonesi Group’s vision.

The company's mission is to assume leadership in the context of the "good wine industry". An ecosystem built on organic and biodynamic agriculture, sustainable distribution systems and consumer education. We work transparently and by innovating, driven by a very long-term view.
The development of Avignonesi, founded on the production of wine, also extends to our Hospitality.

The Ancient Greeks would have defined a similar approach to the wine industry with the words kalòs kagathòs: literally, the beautiful and the good. The portrayal of an idea of indivisible beauty and goodness. Virtues that speak of a profound coherence of soul, uniting qualities that if separated could not have existed. To be "beautiful" (kalòs) one had to "also behave well" (kagathòs).
An ancient concept that encapsulates Avignonesi today: working with determination to act in a noble way, as well as being producers of Nobile.

Placing high-level products and services on a global market, respecting people, the land and the community of Montepulciano. A constant search for excellence and, in addition to quality, delight, in perfect harmony with the promises made to customers and end-consumers, through distribution channels and hospitality, which are not just empty words.
The level of attention paid to the impact of the Avignonesi Group has become foundational to build our company culture. A long journey that began in 2009 and was formalized in 2021 with the recognition of Benefit Corporation.
Generating value, acting coherently, mitigating impact and safeguarding an organic and biodynamic approach is the only path that Avignonesi recognizes as effective.

“We plant trees in whose shade we shall never sit.”

(Ancient Proverb)

Virginie Saverys

Born in Ghent, Belgium, Virginie graduated in law from the University of Paris in 1983. Before moving to Tuscany in 2007 and acquiring Avignonesi in 2009, Virginie had a highly successful legal career in Belgium. But her love and passion for fine wines, which has always been in the family, brought her to change career and country and pursue her dreams. In 2009 she bought the whole of Avignonesi with the intention of taking on an established winery recognised for its quality, innovative research and experimentation and take it to a new level of excellence. Her strong belief in organic products and homeopathic medicine meant introducing sustainable farming methods, by way of biodynamic viticulture, which has made Avignonesi today the largest biodynamic winery in Italy. Her aim for Avignonesi is to produce authentic, unique wines, that mirror the distinct identity of Montepulciano which are also healthier for her customers, land and future generations.

Eline Aloy

I was bitten by the wine bug a long time ago, but it really hit me hard when I arrived in Montepulciano, Tuscany. My mother, Virginie Saverys, had taken over the Avignonesi winery. Observing her and her team walking the vineyards and caring for every single bunch of grapes was so fascinating. The way they managed to bottle the message of each vintage in such a unique manner, giving voice to the land was like a budburst and I wanted to take a step further into this fascinating world.
When I turned 26, I opened my first wine bar in Antwerp, Avini.
I often visited Avignonesi and during one of their blending session I could not resist and I sneaked in. For fun, I tried my own little blend... and I fell in love on the spot. When I was looking for a name for this wine, it came only natural to refer to this intense and wine-fuelled year.
And that is how it all began.
Ventisei - 26 in italian - was born.

Matteo Giustiniani

Matteo Giustiniani is Chief Executive Officer of the Avignonesi Group, which is the Wine Business Division of the Victrix Group. Avignonesi operates under the Victrix Group, a family-owned investment company with a focus increasingly directed towards sustainable and impact investments. Avignonesi is the largest biodynamic winery in Italy. Matteo brings more than 20 years of experience in the wine industry to his current role. As CEO, Matteo manages the winery in addition to overseeing its Classica distribution sister companies.<br>
Matteo is passionate about winemaking, sustainable land stewardship, and protecting the environment. He is committed to producing high-quality wines that exemplify Avignonesi’s good ancestor philosophy. Most recently, Matteo led Avignonesi’s initiative to achieve its B-Corp Certification, which was granted in 2022, affirming the winery’s position as an ecologically and socially conscious company. He studied oenology at the University of Florence and received a master’s degree in winemaking from the University of Bordeaux before joining the Avignonesi team in 2011. Matteo has recently graduated from the Insead Global Executive MBA with distinction.

COO / Agronomist
Alessio Gorini
The spirit of innovation and curiosity which distinguishes the Avignonesi team has proved a perfect match for me.

Alessio joined Avignonesi in 2014. Born in Pistoia, Alessio has worked and studied in some of the most important wine areas in the world, including Bordeaux, Burgundy and New Zealand, where he has developed a very personal vision of what biodynamic viticulture entails.
He defines himself as a “foot-soldier of the vine”, as in his own words, to practice biodynamics, one must learn to read nature and work in synergy with the environment. At Avignonesi the heavy lifting is done in the vineyard and the relay race between the agronomist and the oenologist is a testament of their capacity to observe and act in the best interest of nature, fruit, staff and final consumer.