Avignonesi’s vineyards spread over the picturesque hills of south-east Tuscany, of which Florence is the capital.

After a few years as a silent partner, the Belgian Virginie Saverys took over the prestigious winery in 2009.
She was a consumer and she became a producer overnight. This mirror crossing motivated Saverys to undertake a radical regeneration of the winery. Safety, pollution, and the climate became Avignonesi's primary concerns. She has banned highly toxic synthetic biocides that poison soils, air, and water.

Avignonesi is pursuing an energy transition policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically. Besides, the weight of the bottles has been reduced, and the packaging is now eco-friendly.
Avignonesi pledges to preserve life and greater transparency. Hence the motto "LIFE THROUGH A GLASS”.
Avignonesi endeavours to observe nature to know its laws; to preserve the habitat in safeguarding life, to serve the human community in assisting its economic development and to respect its consumers who deserve a product that complies with their expectations and values.

Sangiovese, the king grape of Tuscany, accounts for the bulk of the 434-acre of vineyards. International varieties are also present but mainly in Cortona. Soils, where clay is predominant, are frequently mixed with layers of limestone or sand.
This rich diversity is broken down into micro-plots. The 247 acres of Sangiovese are divided into plots of 3.5 acres. Each batch is vinified separately before the final selection, determining the blend. Avignonesi claims to be artisans of wine.

The underground fauna and flora help the vine metabolize the minerals present in the soil. Avignonesi strives to restore its native character to better establish the fruit's identity, and Biodynamic viticulture contributes largely to achieving this purpose.

The ever more cautious use of oak (especially for Sangiovese) results in fresher wines, where the fruit aromas are often accompanied by vibrant acidity. The elegant profile and sobriety of the tannins prevail over the power without harming the ageing potential.
Matteo Giustiniani is the winemaker.


It seems hard to reconcile Pasteur and Steiner. Yet, the starting act of biology and biodynamics is to observe life and its cycles. Science is based on research and it is also the main drive of biodynamics. Both methods may differ, but they're more complementary than incompatible. Biodynamic is empirical, experimental and intuitive. It encourages us to walk our vineyards day in and day out. We may cover our boots with mud, but we keep our eyes wide open. Be it in the fields or the cellar, what we observe helps us to understand Nature's laws.


Avignonesi endeavours to preserve the environment by capturing greenhouse gases in its rehabilitated soil, treating wastewater, fostering biodiversity and favouring the use of renewable energies while caring for its human resources' well-being. In so doing, Avignonesi intends to preserve the individual and collective interests of consumers.


Serving is not only contributing to an overwhelming cause. Who claims to save the planet must begin modestly by caring for those most exposed. Often, field workers live in more precarious conditions than flora and fauna. Safety and dignity at work are the cornerstones of our corporate culture.


Nature is a treasure that is too often compromised; it deserves everyone's utmost care. Avignonesi belongs to a growing number of vintners who pledge to work humbly for a healthy world in full transparency. We wish to deserve your endorsement as it will support us in our mission. Also, Avignonesi gets on with the job because you deserve it.

Avignonesi is also a Benefit Corporation fully certified organic, biodynamic and vegan. All our products are crafted exclusively with grapes from our vineyards.