da vinacce di Nobile di Montepulciano

Colourless and crystalline, the Avignonesi Grappa di Vino Nobile reveals a conspicuous richness of alcohol drawing an intense fragrance of flowers and fruit with it. Pleasant perfume of violets and pansies, licorice and tobacco. The bouquet is complex,wide and persistent. It displays an exquisite elegance and a rich fragrance. Excellent balance between smoothness and taste of alcohol. The finish is pleasant and persistent.


Distilled from the fermented marc of the Sangiovese used for the production of the Avignonesi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. The marc reaches the distiller, Nannoni of Paganico in Tuscany, only a few hours after racking when it is still dripping with wine and rich in Sangiovese aromas.

The distillation takes place right after and is presided over by Master Distiller Priscilla Occhipinti, who uses an artisanal, discontinuous cycle, steam-run machine. At the end of each distillation, the head and tail (first and last part of the distilled grappa) are removed by hand, the sole goal being the attainment of an excellent product. At the end of the distillation process distilled water is added to the young grappa, with its rich and complex scents, in order to obtain the exact alcohol content desired.


Minimum 6 months