da vinacce di Vin Santo di Montepulciano

With its crystal clear, golden colour, this elegant grappa has a surprisingly complex aroma: hints of wood, vanilla and spices blend with the delicate scent of grapes left to dry on the racks in the vinsantaia. A balanced and soft flavour on the palate, this grappa offers an intense pleasure, and explains why this distillate has earned its moniker “da meditazione,” to be drunk and enjoyed on its own. The typical Tuscan “after dinner drink”.


This is a grappa made solely from the fresh marc of the dried grapes destined for the Vin Santo production. It reaches the distillery, Nannoni of Paganico in Tuscany, still rich in sugars, wet with must, and free from all impurities. It is immediately put to ferment with the introduction of specific yeasts. At the end of the fermentation period, the distiller moves forward with the distillation.

Distillation is personally attended to by Master Distiller Priscilla Occhipinti, who uses an artisanal, steam-run machine for the process. The removal of the head and tail (first and last part of the new grappa) are done by hand after each distillation cycle. The one objective is to obtain an excellent product. At the end of the distillation, the young grappa, with its rich aromas, is allowed to rest in 3rd generation French barriques for at least 18 months. We use 3rd generation barriques that allow the grappa to breathe but don’t overpower its delicate aromas with the scent of wood. When Priscilla’s sensory tests indicate that the grappa is ready to be bottled, distilled water is added to bring the aquavit to the exact alcoholic content.


Minimum 1 year