Vin Santo

di Montepulciano D.O.C. Toscana 2010

Literally holy wine, the Vin Santo is a sweet wine deeply rooted in Tuscan tradition. The first references date back to the Renaissance, which is also when the Avignonesi family first came on the scene. To this date our Vin Santo and Occhio di Pernice are produced with the madre (yeast) that has been passed on for generations and provides that ethereal taste. This sweet wine is the result of an exceptionally long ageing process during which over half of this precious liquid evaporates. It has been calculated that with the same amount of grapes used to produce one of our 375 ml bottle you can produce twenty-four 750 ml bottles of wine.

This Vin Santo is characterised by intense aromas of caramel and walnut husk, softened by hints of honeydew honey, nutmeg and pennyroyal. The aftertaste recalls memories of candied orange and butter biscuits. On the palate this sweet wine reveals infinite taste sensations, a symphony of notes of dried figs, almonds and orange jam. A perfect balance between sweetness and acidity leads to a long and sensual finish.


Malvasia, Trebbiano


The grapes have been hand-picked from the best vineyard parcels and placed in small, vine leaf-coated bins.


The grapes are laid out for a few months on straw mats in the “appassitoio” (drying room). They are then softly pressed and the must is transferred in “caratelli” (50-liter oak casks) for a slow, natural fermentation with the aid of an indigenous yeast known as “madre”.


More than 10 years in “caratelli”


2005: 94 pts Wine Spectator | 94 pts Wines Critic
2002: 97 pts Wine Advocate | 95 pts Wine Spectator | 95 pts Wine Enthusiast | 95 pts Wines Critic
2001: 98 pts Wine Advocate | 97 pts Wines Critic | 95 pts Wine Spectator