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With its abundant, upfront fruit and a bright acidity Avignonesi’s Rosso di Montepulciano is a typical example of Sangiovese from Tuscany. The Netflix of reds, that surprises you and calls you back for more for its great drinkability.

This wine is made with Sangiovese grapes highlighting the balanced and harmonious traits of its habitat. The wine shows a sleek medium body, seamless tannins and a distinctive tasting profile. Great for the ‘now’ it reveals an impressive ageing potential.

Fermented, aged, bottled and carefully stored in Avignonesi’s cellar. 10 years later, Avignonesi’s Nobile 2013 updates its aesthetics to celebrate its innate ageing capacity and evolution. The Nobile di Montepulciano DOCG 2013 has a garnet red colour. Intense aromas of undergrowth, dehydrated plum and graphite evolve after a few minutes towards blackberry jam and sweet spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. In the mouth, it is dense and balsamic, with a medium structure. On the palate it is sweet and pleasant, enveloped by round and velvety tannins with a savoury and persistent finish.

The Alliance is a group of five Nobile producers
– Salcheto, Poliziano, La Braccesca, Boscarelli, and Avignonesi –
all sharing the dedication to Nobile’s rediscovery. The five winemakers have coordinated their respective work and each crafted a cru 100% Sangiovese Nobile specifically for this project. The Poggetto di Sopra brings out the characteristics of its environment, recalling the clay soil it lays upon.
La Tonda, which in Italian means “the round one”, was planted in 1990 as an experiment on vine-training and plant density effects. Since 2014 La Tonda is vinified separately to produce a single vineyard 100% Sangiovese wine. Every year a limited amount of bottles is produced for exclusive sale at our Capezzine farm.

Passion, fire and colour. On the nose, Le Badelle is explosive. It has a strong perfume of fresh fruits such as morello cherry, blueberry and blackcurrant with final notes of coconut and ash. The palate hits you with its juicy, enveloping entry. The olfactory imprint is confirmed on the palate with a warm, intense and persistent finish.

La Banditella, fresh, long-limbed and vertical, is a new and invigorating breeze: lively and vibrant, the nose reveals aromas of small red fruits, black currant and raspberries, intertwined with aromas of green tea, sap and citrus flowers. On the palate La Banditella is bright and the scent of fruit returns accompanied by a good acidic vein that supports the length. Vivid tannins with a savory finish.

La Stella, with its vital energy and spontaneity, is a wine of light and shadow that reveals all sides of our beloved Sangiovese. On the nose fruity aromas of pink grapefruit peels combine with hints of almond blossoms and tobacco. On the palate La Stella is striking for its dense and enveloping tannic texture, but at the same time with a voluminous and warm body with an aftertaste of autumn leaves and cocoa powder.
Opulent and voluptuous, Oceano impresses for its power and charisma and enchants for its great intensity. The nose stands out for its rich and complex bouquet: floral notes of violet and rose intertwine with hints of black cherry and sweet spices. On the palate Ocean overwhelms you with a wave of sweetness, where the aromas of ripe fruit integrate with the notes of undergrowth and culminate in a long and persistent finish.
El Grasso is a fresh and yet opulent wine which follows the notes of a Jazz concert. On the nose it has hints of a mediterranean grove: cherry and red fruit accompany alfalfa and mint notes. This wine culminates in a high and sweet finish.

The In Grandi Annate is a legendary Tuscan wine produced by Avignonesi only in the very best vintages, when we are able to craft a purebred Sangiovese, which stands out for character, body and ageing potential. We break down the harvest into homogeneous lots which we vinify separately. Then we single out the Sangiovese parcels which bring forth the most interesting facets of what our vineyards have offered and we craft them into the Grandi Annate. To capture the essence of the vintage, the In Grandi Annate blend changes every year.

Literally holy wine, the Vin Santo is a sweet wine deeply rooted in Tuscan tradition. The first references date back to the Renaissance, which is also when the Avignonesi family first came on the scene. To this date our Vin Santo and Occhio di Pernice are produced with the madre (yeast) that has been passed on for generations and provides that ethereal taste. This sweet wine is the result of an exceptionally long ageing process during which over half of this precious liquid evaporates.

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