Desiderio was a bull which lived on Avignonesi’s Capezzine farm more than one hundred years ago. The largest bull in Tuscany at that time, this majestic animal helped define the Chianina cattle race, specific to the Bistecca Fiorentina. It came as a natural choice to dedicate this Merlot to the beloved bull as a testimony to the wines’ origin. This is Merlot from Tuscany at its best.
After thirty years of production, Desiderio wanted a new impulse and the 2018 vintage meets this need. We have decided to offer Bolgheri's rising star and Merlot maestro Fabio Motto the opportunity to craft the 2018 vintage.
Fabio did not hesitate for a second. With his natural humility, he rose to the challenge, and from pruning to blending, he managed every step of the production in collaboration with our team.