Five major Nobile producers: Salcheto, Poliziano, La Braccesca, Boscarelli and Avignonesi, have united to form an Alliance. Each winery has very diverse stories and backgrounds, but they all share the same objective: restore the Nobile’s badge of honour. The Alliance producers strongly believe that the time has finally come for a new rise of the Nobile as a revered classic which deserves to be rediscovered by wine lovers.
For the past few years the Alliance has coordinated their respective work and united their marketing, viticulturist, and winemaking skills to outline the natural characteristics of Montepulciano’s Sangiovese. Each wine has been crafted precisely for this project.
Diversity without disparity was the challenge. To everybody’s surprise, the results left them speechless. The producers obtained a genuine Nobile with outstanding ageing potential. Thus, confirming how this exceptional area of Tuscany can produce the most distinguished Sangiovese wine in the world.
Poggetto di Sopra is the perfect estate for this project: it is the core of Avignonesi’s Nobile. Located on the hills of Argiano, its sedimentary soils of marine origin are rich in clay and calcareous sand and have been brought back to life thanks to Virginie Saverys’ organic and regenerative approach.